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Happy Golden Years, Mom!

The day before mom’s birthday was on a Sunday. We went to church at 8:30 am and had breakfast at Cora’s (a better version of IHOP ;>).   After breakfast, we headed to Vancouver Aquarium. we saw Belugas, Penguins, Sea Lions, Jelly Fish, etc. There were lots of kids tho. But we had fun! 😉 Located […]

Santa’s elf reporting on duty

  This season, I decided to have a productive weekend and work as an elf to spread Christmas cheer with the kids. If you are looking for party hosts, please visit and we’ll do it for you! 🙂

Vroom Vroom

Lately, I’ve been thinking of buying my own car. But when I realized how much it’s gonna cost me more, I decided to hold it off. Look at it this way.. If I am going to buy a car.. It will be 30-45min drive to work I have to pay for gas and parking (which […]

Onesie Season!

Obviously, I am so addicted to onesies and bought 5 of them in a month! Oh yes, the main reason why I’m broke. But who cares. They are cute and comfy! And they keep me warm from head to toe! Love it! ❤ ❤

My Saturday Be Like..

It’s raining, men hallelujah! Vancouver’s been wet and cold since yesterday. Good thing it’s a Saturday — my favorite day of the week!! Woot Woot. I wish Saturdays can have more than 24 hours a day just cause…

Monthly Highlights | October

Weird how I feel like October skipped me. Gaaaah! The days go by really fast, eh? Can someone please slow them down? I can’t keep up. -_- and tomorrow’s NOVEMBER alreadyyyy. But looking back, a lot of things actually happened this month.. Hmm.. October 3, 2015 – Seems like only yesterday when I had a […]

It’s the last day of SUMMER

I am obviously not a blog person as I’ve been dormant yet again for (7?)months now. Life happened and I just don’t know how to share everything in words. But it is that time of the year again where I find myself wanting to blog. Is it because there’s nothing much to do now? Or […]